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Soyo SY-6BA IV
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Chipset (Win.XP/2000/ME/98/NT)
Chipset (Win.95)
Support VIA Cyrix III cpu. Update HPT-366 Bios ver:1.25.
Specifications: 66/100MHz FSB Slot 1 Based Intel 440BX ATX Motherboard
Form Factor * ATX
Processor Description * Click here for maximum CPU support
CPU Interface * Slot 1
Chipset Description * Intel 82440BX two chip AGPset
Chipset Type * Intel 440BX
System Memory Description
* 4x168 pin SDRAM DIMM support up tp 1GB (4 x 256MB) modules with 16Mx8/ 16Mx4 chips only
* PC100 DIMM support
* Porvides ECC (Error Checking Correction) capability
System Memory Recommended Partners
* Soyo Recommended Kingston Memory
Expansion Slots
* 5 x 32 bit Bus Mastering PCI slots (v2.

1 compliant)
* 2 x 16 bit ISA slots (One PCI/ISA shared slot)
* 1 x 32 bit AGP slot (v1.0 compliant) AGP 1x/2x
IO Description
* ITE 8671F-A chip
* 2 RS -232 Serial Ports (16550 UART compatible)
* 1 Parallel Printer Port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode)
* 1 FDD Port (Support LS120, 3 mode, 1.2/1.44/2.88 MB FDD)
* Provides IrDA port with optional cable for transceiver
IO Connections Description
* PS/2 Mini-DIN mouse & keyboard ports
* 2 USB ports
* 2 D-Sub 9-pin male Serial ports
* 1 D-Sub 25-pin female printer port
IDE Description
* Supports four independent channels for 8 IDE devices
* Two channels support up to PIO mode 4 & UDMA 33
* Two channels support up to ATA-66
* 4 PCI bus mastering ATA E-IDE ports
BIOS Description
* Award PCI BIOS with green, ACPI, APM, plug and play, DMI functions and Year 2000 compliant
* Supports multi-boot frrom E-IDE/SCSI/ CD-ROM/FDD/LS120/ZIP
* 2 Mbit Flash ROM
Health Monitoring Description
* On-board voltage monitors for CPU Vcore, VTT, 5v, 12V, 3.3V, 5VSB and battery low
* CPU fan four speed control and monitor
* FAN speed monitor
* Precision CPU temperature monitoring through CPU on-die thermal diode
OS Compatibility
* Win98
* Win95
* WinME
* WinNT
* FreeBSD
Dimension Description
* 4 Layer PCB, 30.5cm x 19cm (12"x7.5")
* ATX form factor
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