Baixar Drivers Placa mãe Foxconn G33M02

Download dos drivers da Motherboard Foxconn G33M02 ou também conhecida como G33M ou G33M-S, drivers para Windows XP e Windows Vista.

G33MAdd the RatioFree option.722F1P26644KB
G33MFixed "super clock free" can’t work when use E4300/E6600/45nm(Q9550, E8500) CPU.722F1P33669KB
G33MFixed ACPI issue.722F1P21631KB
G33MFixed can't detect SATA CD/DVD-ROM in RAID mode issue.722F1P31663KB
G33MFixed external VGA can't install driver issue722F1P30663KB
G33MFixed SATA 1,2 port cann’t detect HDD issue.722F1P20631KB
G33MFixed Ubuntu can't restart when S3 resume from Linux OS (Ubuntu 8.04.1).722F1P37689KB
G33MFixed when use some CPUS the computer will halt on at D1/D2 issue.722F1P18629KB
G33MSet to AHCI722F1P29663KB
G33MUpdate cpu microcode to support 45nm CPU.722F1P32669KB
G33MUpdate cpu microcode to support E8300/C0,Q9450/C1,Q9550/C1 CPU.722F1P35671KB
G33MUpdate CPU microcode to support E8400,E8500,E8600 CPU.722F1P36683KB
G33MUpdate the latest RAID rom (7.6) to fix there will be blue screen when install OS in RAID mode.722F1P34668KB


G33MIntel Chipset Driver.
G33MIntel RAID Driver.
G33MIntel VGA Driver for Win2K&WinXP-32BIT.
G33MIntel VGA Driver for WinVista-32BIT.
G33MIntel VGA Driver for WinVista-64BIT.
G33MIntel VGA Driver for WinXP-64BIT.
G33MRealtek 811X LAN Driver for WinVista.6.206.502.20084.74MB
G33MRealtek 811X LAN Driver.5.687.225.20084.60MB
G33MRealtek HDA Audio Driver.1.9541.5MB


G33MEasy guide.V1.06.99MB


G33MFOX LiveUpdate.

Socket Processador: Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® Dual-Core, Pentium® D, Pentium® 4, Celeron® processors , Socket T (LGA775)
Supports Intel® next generation 45nm Multi-Core processors , Socket T (LGA775) 1333 / 1066 / 800 MHz (FSB)
Memória RAM: Dual Channel DDR2 800 / 667 x 4 DIMMs, Max 8GB
Slots: 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI/ATA x1, SATAII x 4
Audio onboard: 7.1 channel HD Audio
Rede: GbE LAN
USB: 12 x USB 2.0 ports

Variação dos nomes:
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